Lovely Mema

Mema’s playful and friendly nature allows her to easily make friends with newcomers. While her skills are impressive, Mema still relies on babysitters to help her. She needs a bit more time to build up her confidence before she can catch up with her classmates and the babysitters are on hand to give her the extra support she needs. In return she makes a wonderful babysitter’s assistant, showing others how to climb trees. Being up in the trees can be terrifying to some babies, but not to Mema who is quickly becoming an expert.

Background Story

Mema came to us in a terrible condition, as a weak baby weighing only 2.3 kilograms. She was found by a local villager who claimed to have come across her whilst searching for firewood in a burned peat area. He took Mema to the local village chief, who reported the finding to our team in Nyaru Menteng.

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