Super Curious Liti

Liti, it seems, is a magnet for trouble. After suffering from a bee attack several months ago, she recently had to deal with wild macaques snatching her food: She was enjoying a slice of watermelon in Forest School when a wild macaque ambushed her and tried to take her fruit. Liti put up a brave fight, but the macaque eventually won the melee after biting Liti’s arm and leaving a nasty wound. Luckily, these negative experiences have not diminished Liti’s curiosity, but they have defintely increased her wisdom!

Background story

Liti was confiscated from a resident a village who made her a pet. The owner said, he found Liti in one of oil palm plantations field. From her initial health check, we knew that she is only 8 months weighing 2.5 kilograms. During confiscation process Liti seemed so afraid. She always looked sad, afraid and gloomy. Now, Liti has gained her confident. She is now one of the smartest and the wildest orangutan in the Baby Nursery Group.

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