Tough Taymur

Taymur was a victim of the illegal international wildlife trade and was being kept as a pet in Kuwait before his repatriation to Indonesia. He is now in excellent condition and progressing well in Forest School, where he is learning vital forest survival skills. He has become a very skilled nest-builder and has mastered foraging for termites and forest fruits.

Background story

For many months, the BOS Foundation worked tirelessly with a number of authorities through the Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait to successfully repatriate this 2-year-old male orangutan. Taymur was illegally traded and transported to Kuwait, then later discovered by Kuwaiti police following a traffic accident involving the person who was holding him illegally as a pet. Taymur was with the suspect, who was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the incident, and was subsequently secured by the Kuwaiti authorities before being returned to Indonesia.

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