Yordanka easily makes friends and has many close pals in Samboja Lestari’s Forest School. There is Bagus, whom she likes to play with; Edgar, whose loyal company has provided Yordanka with a sidekick; and Ames, who follows Yordanka on most of her explorations of the forest. While the age difference between Ames and Yordanka is significant, the two have still become very close. As any good big sister would do, Yordanka patiently teaches Ames the skills she will need to survive. She is simply amazing!


On January 30, 2013, our Samboja Lestari technicians were startled to hear the sound of a baby orangutan’s cries coming from one of our orangutan islands. They discovered that Yuni, a female orangutan who had been rescued from a circus, had given birth to a baby girl. Unfortunately, new mother Yuni did not appear to possess the natural ability to care for her baby, and the Samboja Lestari team made the difficult decision to evacuate Yordanka and put her in the care of a babysitter.

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