Kopral and Shelton

Kopral and Shelton


Kopral and Shelton are dearly loved by all at Samboja Lestari. Kopral, despite his disability, still manages to negotiate the forest and its difficult terrain, while Shelton continues to spend his life in an enclosure. Even though they are separated, Kopral and Shelton have still managed to maintain their friendship, with Kopral often paying his friend a visit during Forest School hours: He usually pops in to see Shelton around lunch time, and even brings his own lunch to Shelton’s complex so the two can eat together! It is heartwarming to witness the friendship between these two very special orangutans. They truly inspire us all.


Kopral and Shelton require extra love and care; both have disabilities that prevent them from being released back to the wild. Their friendship and support for one another provides us with a wonderful example of the spirit of kindness and determination.

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