Unstoppable Monita

Monita has been placed in the Nursery Group. Monita is showing significant progress with her movement, and now climbs medium-sized trees and dangles from lianas. She enjoys playing with the enrichment, especially baskets and hammocks, and often encourages her peers to join in. She especially loves playing with her friend Baun.

Background Story

Our rescue team from Nyaru Menteng again joined hands with the Central Kalimantan BKSDA to conduct the rescue of a female baby orangutan in Pangkoh village, Pulang Pisau Regency in early of June 2018. The villager claimed to have found the baby named Monita stranded alone in a forest area near a palm-oil plantation, and had decided to take her home and kept her for several days. It is extremely heart-breaking to see that baby orangutans are still being separated from their mothers and losing their right to learn from them how to survive in the wild.

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