Brave Davi!

Being a smaller than the others in her forest school group, has not held Davi back from competing with the bigger orangutans. She has proven that she has what it takes to keep up with them as they play, climb, and explore the forest. What a strong start to forest school for brave, little Davi!

Background Story

Davi was born at Samboja Lestari on 19 October, 2015. She spent the first few days of her life with her birth mother, Citra, before the medical team were forced to make the difficult decision to separate them. At the time, Davi was suffering from malnutrition and had a fungus infection, which required treatment at the Samboja Lestari clinic. Davi has grown into a healthy and active young orangutan. Her determination and willingness to learn and practice survival skills saw her move from the Baby Nursery and join Forest School, where she encountered bigger and older orangutans.

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